Visual Studio Code Extension This Visual Studio Code extension adds the option to directly start and restart the PowerBI Visual tools (pbiviz []) for developing Power BI Custom Visuals. Features Add 'build-in' support for pbiviz in Visual Studio Code. * Ctrl+F8: Start pbiviz and load the Power BI Custom Visual * Crtl+Shift+F8: Restart pbiviz and reload the new Power BI Custom Visual code * Ctrl+F9: Stop pbiviz History 0.0.5 (December 5, 201
Introduction Power BI has the ability to import custom visuals and use them in your reports and dashboards. This is a great option to extent the visual capabilities of Power BI without waiting before Microsoft is adding that visual capability. Even Microsoft has created a gallery of 'approved' visuals to be used with Power BI. First there visuals were uploaded and stored within the report, but this has recently changed with the introduction of the Azure CDN capabilities. Azure CDN Azure CDN [ht
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