Managing Azure credits with Power BI

Recently I ran out of Azure credits before the new billing month was started. The result: Azure automatically disables the account and none of my resources were available. Next question was: how can I use Power BI to keep track of my credits? Can I Power BI help me in managing my Azure credits?

Azure Management API

With there is a content pack related to Azure, but it creates an operational dashboard and there are no spending reported. So I had to create it myself. Luckily a lot of Azure resources/services are available via different REST APIs. The Azure Resource Manager REST API was my first try. Is provides access to resources available within a subscription. But

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What about the future of BI

There is a shift going it the IT world: more and more applications are moving to the cloud. Recent examples, e.g. Office365, shows that the gap between the on-premise version and the cloud version are rapidly closing. Even the promise of Microsoft to put more and more effort in the development of cloud application: every Microsoft product nowadays is ‘cloud-aware’. The big question is: what about BI and the cloud. One thing I know for sure: it will come. Not completely sure is how, but I have an idea and that is the main reason why I started this blog and write this post.

The recent announcement of Microsoft the upcoming beta of SQL Azure Reporting shows the availability

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