Analysis Services Deployment Wizard Admit: either you love it or you hate it. And I must confess I was part of the last group, but now the wizard have convinced me to love it despite some caveats. So what did me switch sides? First lets look into the working of the wizard and how we can use it in a Continues Integration environment. The Wizard First we all know the wizard as it is installed together with SQL Server and probably started it to see what the capabilities are. But by default a wizar
[]The DefaultMember property for the dimension is know by every Microsoft BI professional. This property sets the default selected member of a dimension attribute, so that member will be selected by default. The dimension DefaultMember can be declared in BIDS or by using an Alter Cube statement as part of the cube calculations. While the first is static the latter can be used to dynamically sets a DefaultMember. The Defau
Finally I made some time to write about my experiences with PerformancePoint 2010 and then focused on my dashboard specially for the iPad and the new SP1 features. Last April the was a business request to enable the existing PerformancePoint dashboard for viewing on a iPad. The first step was, besides getting an iPad with the correct WiFi, 3G and VPN connections, trying the existing dashboard opening in the iPad Safari browser. This gave already the first challenge: with iOS4.3 update the Java
Last November I wrote about the future of SSAS and BISM (see here [] for the original post). Now with the release of CTP3 of SQL Server codenamed ‘Denali’ (download [] here), the new BISM and the two different modes are open to the public so I can take a look if my thoughts are still valid. First take a look at what Microsoft gave to us wi
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