Power BI Hierarchy slicer

Hierarchy slicer

Hierarchy SlicerThe hierarchy slicer for Power BI provides the opportunity to simple select multiple members of different levels of a hierarchy as selection. The slicer can be used with an existing hierarchy or a manual created hierarchy.


See here for an example if the embedded version is not working.

Data Fields

The HierarchySlicer needs data it a specific way.

  • Fields - These fields are the base of the hierarchy. Each field will represent a level in the hierarchy
  • Values - With a value it is possible to (pre)filter the hierarchy to show only members that have a value. Typical scenario: filter a product/category hierarchy with sales. The values are not shown in the visual


With the selection option the behavior of the hierarchy can be changed

  • Single Select - When set to true (default) only one member of the hierarchy can be selected. When set to false a multiple selection is possible. Note: Ctrl select is not working.
  • Empty levels - When set to true enables the hierarchy to support ragged version. If a level is 'empty' than the lower levels are ignored.
  • Select All - When enabled there is a 'Select All' member the select (or deselect) all the available members.
  • Select All Label - If the 'Select All' option is enabled this option can be used to alter the label of this member.

Basic formatting of the header is possible in this section.

  • On/Off - Enable the header
  • Title - Enter a custom header
  • Font Color - Font color used for the header
  • Background - Background color for the header
  • Text size - Text size used for the header



Basic color formatting of the items

  • Font Color - Font color used for the items
  • Select Color - Font color of the selected items
  • Background - Background color for the items
  • Text size - Text size used for the header


See for the list of changes here.


Feel free to comment and suggest features via the GitHub repository or via the comments below.

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