Power BI Hierarchy slicer

Hierarchy Slicer

Hierarchy slicer

The hierarchy slicer for Power BI provides the opportunity to simple select multiple members of different levels of a hierarchy as selection. The slicer can be used with an existing hierarchy or a manual created hierarchy.


See here for an example if the embedded version is not working.


See for the list of changes here.


The following things are on the to-do list for a future release. The list is in a random order and sure not complete.

  • [0.7.4] Expand / collapse levels
  • [0.7.4] Style font size / color and background of items and header
  • [0.7.4] Support for auto-created Power BI hierarchies, like date fields
  • [0.7.4] Support for multi-select for every hierarchy
  • [0.7.9] Search box
  • [0.7.9] Color of selected items
  • []Ragged hierarchies
  • []Ability to hide the header
  • Extra formatting options for the header
  • DAX Parent-Child (PATH function) support
  • Support for SSAS Multidimensional hierarchies


Feel free to comment and suggest features via the comments.

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