Unraveling the Microsoft Analysis Services Deployment Wizard

Analysis Services Deployment Wizard

Admit: either you love it or you hate it. And I must confess I was part of the last group, but now the wizard have convinced me to love it despite some caveats. So what did me switch sides? First lets look into the working of the wizard and how we can use it in a Continues Integration environment.

The Wizard

First we all know the wizard as it is installed together with SQL Server and probably started it to see what the capabilities are. But by default a wizard interface is not something we can use directly in a CI environment. But luckily the wizard can be started from a command prompt with some parameters

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Pushing data thru Azure Stream Analytics to Power BI - part 3

Note: see this article for some new insights.

After the first two parts (1, 2) now it is time to look at the code to push data to the event hub and process the data from the event hub and push it to the Power BI API. Initially my idea is to use the Microsoft Band sensor to be pushed to Power BI, so I use for that purpose a HeartBeat class as records to be pushed.

Basically we need to code the following steps:

Sending data to event hub

image Before we can send data to an Azure event

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Pushing data thru Azure Stream Analytics to Power BI - part 2

Note: see this article for some new insights.

In part 1 I provided an overview of the given solution. And now it is time to configure Azure Service Bus, Event Hubs and Stream Analytics to be able to sent and receive messages. I still be using the ‘old’ Azure Management Portal as I cannot use the new portal: I always get lost in that one.

The steps that needs to be done:

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Pushing data thru Azure Stream Analytics to Power BI - part 1

Note: see this article for some new insights.

Since the beginning of this year a new version of Power BI has been release in preview and since half March this version is available worldwide. One new feature of this preview is that there is now an API to push data programmatically to Power BI. While pushing this data the dashboard based on the dataset is altered in real time giving a ton of opportunities.

Azure Stream Analytics

One of the advantage of using Stream Analytics between the sender and the Power BI API is that the throughput of the API is limited and can be increased by using Stream Analytics. Another advantage is that Stream Analytics can be used to

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Multiple hierarchies and xTDs

Last week I was challenged by a co-worker: *‘create a way that a tabular cube case serve a YTD value for different time hierarchies.’ *Because Iwork at a retailer at this moment, there is a fiscal calendar and a 454 calendar, which of course doesn’t align in the begin and end date.

While I was writing this post, Marco Russo wrote a great post on how to createdifferent xTD values. Please read it: http://www.sqlbi.com/articles/week-based-time-intelligence-in-dax/ (Note tomyself: do not postpone the writing of your posts)

This has one advantage for me: I don’t have to explain the logic behind xTD who are not based on a standard calendar. Lucky me :-)

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