Using Let’s Encrypt certificates for secure SQL Server connections

Let's Encrypt

Since December last year, the Let’s Encrypt initiative has gone into public beta. Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority, so you can easily get free official SSL certificates. Primarily it is focused on securing the web, but the requested certificate can be used for every server authenticating. I uses the certificate to encrypt my SQL Server connection and of course use it for Reporting Service.

How does it works

Let’s Encrypt provides certificates that are valid for 90 days. This stimulates the use of tools and scripts as no administrator is reassigning a new certificate every 90 days for each server. primarily Let’s Encrypt is focused on (Linux/Apache) websites,

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Power BI Box and whisker chart

Screenshot Power BI Box and Whisker chart

Power BI Box and Whisker chart

A box and whisker chart shows basic statistical information (five-number summary) of a dataset: the 1st and 3rd quartile (box),the median (line), the mean (dot) and dependent of the type either the minimum and maximum value or the 1.5x interquartile range [IQR] (whiskers).


See here for an example if the embedded version is not working.

Chart types

BoxWhisker chart types The box and whisker chart has three chart types to summarize a dataset. For all types, the box is showing the data between the 1st and 3rd quartile. Only the whiskers are different based on the chart type.


The whiskers in a min/max version are as long so they include all

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Changelog Box and Whisker

Box and Whisker changelog

Of the box and whisker custom visualization the following versions are released with the following new features, changes and bug fixes.

NOTE: All Power BI gallery visuals are distributed via the Azure CDN network and this will cause a delay of max a couple of days in delivering a new version.

0.12.5 - (30 August 2016)


  • Bugfix internal ID errors causing a not-showing visual

0.12.4 - (26 August 2016)


  • Some internal changes

0.12.3 - (29 July 2016)


  • Added formatting options to axis labels and data labels


  • Support for large datasets. (max +/- 50.000)
  • Scaling labels/chart is improved
  • Number/label formatting for date and currency

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Pushing data thru Azure Stream Analytics to Power BI - part 4

After 6 months there has been a lot of changes in the offering of Azure and Power BI. Those changes implies that my blogposts about connection Stream Analytics and Power BI (1, 2 and 3) are not completely the best and easiest way of doing this.

Power BI changes

It is still in preview, but Stream Analytics supports directly out of the box a connection to Power BI as an output. Stream Analytics only needs a valid authentication and a dataset name and a table name. If the dataset and/or table doesn’t exist, it will be created.


So in my case I don’t need a custom application anymore to pull the events from Stream Analytics and push

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Unraveling the Microsoft Analysis Services Deployment Wizard

Analysis Services Deployment Wizard

Admit: either you love it or you hate it. And I must confess I was part of the last group, but now the wizard have convinced me to love it despite some caveats. So what did me switch sides? First lets look into the working of the wizard and how we can use it in a Continues Integration environment.

The Wizard

First we all know the wizard as it is installed together with SQL Server and probably started it to see what the capabilities are. But by default a wizard interface is not something we can use directly in a CI environment. But luckily the wizard can be started from a command prompt with some parameters

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