Changelog Hierarchy Slicer

Hierarchy Slicer changelog

Of the hierarchy slicer Power BI custom visualization the following versions are released with the following new features, changes and bug fixes.

NOTE: All Power BI gallery visuals are distributed via the Azure CDN network and this will cause a delay of max a couple of days in delivering a new version.

2.x.x - (in development)

  • More formatting option
  • Refresh UI/icons
  • Uses new Power BI API - (4 August 2017)

  • [Bug] Fixed 'Unexpected Error' bug in Power BI Desktop - (25 July 2017)

  • [Bug] Scrolling issues are now fixed
  • Show/hide header
  • Show/hide '(blank) levels ('Ragged' hierarchies)

  • First release to the Office Store (v0.7.10)

0.7.10 - (4 May 2017)

  • [Bug] Wrong selection with search enabled
  • [Bug] Scrolling issue with increased font size
  • [Bug] Sometimes incorrect sorting (removed)
  • [Bug] Value filter is not working

0.7.9 - (24 August 2016)

  • Adding search support
  • Configurable selected item font color
  • [Bug] Expand/collapse fixed in IE11
  • [Bug] Filter selection saves with report

0.7.4 - (19 July 2016)

  • Expand and collapse hierarchy levels
  • Multi-select available on all hierarchies
  • Configurable font / size and background for items and header
  • Filter hierarchy with a value
  • [Bug] Filter selection saved with report

0.6.0 – (31 May 2016)

Initial release

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