Box and Whisker changelog

Of the box and whisker custom visualization the following versions are released with the following new features, changes and bug fixes.

NOTE: All Power BI gallery visuals are distributed via the Azure CDN network and this will cause a delay of max a couple of days in delivering a new version.

2.0.0 - (21 July 2017)

New version based on the new API for Power BI custom visuals.


  • Fixed value reference line
  • Axis formatting options (font, text size, decimals, units)
  • Axis titles + formatting options
  • Data labels formatting


  • Quartile calculation (excluding/including)
  • Extra custom whisker type: custom percentile values
  • Fixed color for all categories
  • Coloring option to mean and median indicators

1.0.0 - (21 March 2017)

  • First release to the Office Store/

0.12.5 - (30 August 2016)


  • Bugfix internal ID errors causing a not-showing visual

0.12.4 - (26 August 2016)


  • Some internal changes

0.12.3 - (29 July 2016)


  • Added formatting options to axis labels and data labels


  • Support for large datasets. (max +/- 50.000)
  • Scaling labels/chart is improved
  • Number/label formatting for date and currency added
  • Legend is removed.

0.8.0 – (11 February 2016)


  • Added two different chart types: Tukey and fixed on 1.5IQR
  • Option to show outliers if available
  • Option to show datalabels


  • Y-axis values are now based on the minimum and maximum of the shown datapoints

0.7.0 – (1 February 2016)


  • Option to show horizontal major/minor grid lines
  • Change color of data points
  • Modification of legend, show/hide, Title text
  • Support for negative values


  • Axis color more inline with Power BI


  • Adding multiple groups caused an error of an illegal dataset

0.6.1 – (28 January 2016)

Initial release

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