Power BI enables data analysts to tell remarkable stories with data through interactive reports and live dashboards. But besides creating and consuming reports there is also a Power BI developer experience. In this session we will cover two aspects of that experience: creating Custom Visuals and using Power BI Embedded Analytics.


Custom Visuals

  • Introduction / dev setup
  • Data Mapping
  • Formatting pane
  • External modules
  • Testing

In the Custom Visuals section learn how a custom visual is consuming data from Power BI, uses options from the formatting pane, passes selections to other visuals and how external libraries like D3.js can be used for easier visualizations.

Power BI Embedded

  • Introduction / dev setup
  • Security: Apps own Data vs User own Data
  • Embedding report
  • Working with filters/bookmarks
  • Row level security

For the Embedded Analytics aspect learn how the authorization flow is working for different scenarios (app owns data and user owns data), how to embed reports/visuals, how to set and react to bookmarks/filters and how row level security can be used to show the correct data for different users.


This session is about programming with Power BI, so it is recommended to have a programming background as (web)developer with knowledge of TypeScript and/or C#. And for the hands-on-labs a laptop is required with NodeJS (https://nodejs.org) and Visual Studio Code


The first time I am presenting this trainings day is  at the 'Power Bi Gebruikersdag 2020' and you can buy tickets here.


If you have question, feel free to contact me via mail@datascenarios.nl